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HUM-0100 Human Resources Information System


The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) tracks information on individual employees and their employment history. Includes employee contact information, compensation, attendance, and tenure and promotion data. Excludes annual review results, resume, and employment or offer letters. 

Administered separately from HUM-0110 Personnel File, which may contain backup for changes made in the HRIS. 

For records of attendance at the unit level, see: HUM-1100 Local Attendance 

Excludes pension records: HUM-0610 Pension: Individual Beneficiary Entitlements, HUM-0620 Pension: Summary of Individual Beneficiaries

Excludes records of benefits: HUM-0710 Benefits: Employee files, HUM-0730 Benefits: Health Care Expense Account (Retired Employees)

Excludes Performance Management records: HUM-0400 Annual Performance Review and HUM-0410 Performance Review: Faculty Members

Excludes Employee Relations records: HUM-0900 Employee Relations: Complaints, HUM-0910 Employee Relations: Discipline Case Files, HUM-0920 Employee Relations: Discipline Letters (Faculty Association), HUM-0930 Employee Relations: Discipline Letters (Sessional Lecturers), HUM-0940 Employee Relations: Discipline Letters (Teaching Assistants & Research Assistants).

Retention Trigger




Responsible Unit(s)

Human Resources


Human Resources; Units (attendance data)

Records System

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Employment Standards Act S.O. 2000, c.41, s.15

Record Authority

VP Human Resources and Services


Secure destruction

Records Arising from Activity

  • For each employee:
  • Person Sheet
  • Employment History

Retention Rationale

Based on the inability to selectively delete information from banner employment history/person sheets discussed in Records System Details. 

Keeping employment history of all former employees is useful in case someone reapplies, or makes an inquiry in the future.

Personal Information


Vital Record