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Voting Link & Candidate Statements

  • VOTING LINK - Voting Period starts March 26 @ 9:00 a.m.
  • Candidate Statements


    Student Representatives: 

    Amber Rizvi:

    "I am thrilled to be running as an undergraduate student representative as part of the Academic Council. I am very passionate about representing my fellow undergraduate students on this council and being part of a major governing body at Ontario Tech University. I have valuable and diverse leadership experience at Ontario Tech University through being a PASS Leader, Peer Tutor, Peer Success Facilitator, Research Assistant, Director of Marketing, Peer Wellness Educator, Ambassador, Peer Leader, International Student Leader, Equity Advocate, and more. These experiences and involvement will enable me to provide valuable input as a member of the Academic Council."

    Jemma Tam:

    "I am running for the Academic Appeals Committee - Undergraduate because I have dedication to fairness and integrity. I aim to uphold academic standards and ensure equitable treatment for all students. Drawing from firsthand experience navigating appeals for my second-year courses, I'm equipped to review cases carefully and make informed decisions. I'm committed to addressing student concerns, upholding due process, and promoting academic excellence. Additionally, I'm ready to provide assistance and answer questions throughout the appeals process. I'm eager to support students in their academic journey and contribute positively to our university community."

    Nawal Elshamiy:
    "As a human health sciences student and peer tutor, I am committed to advocating for academic excellence, inclusivity, and equity. I recognize the power of advocacy, which has the potential to enact meaningful change within our academic community. As an undergraduate student, I aim to amplify the diverse voices of our student community and foster transparent communication between students, faculty, and staff at Ontario Tech University. Through my experience as a tutor, I recognize the importance of academic integrity and professionalism in maintaining academic standards. If elected, I pledge to uphold the missions, values, and policies of the university."

    Tracey MacKenzie:

    "Decades of work experience and a previous undergraduate degree did not prepare me for a return to school later in life. I experience university life like most students and yet in many ways its different for me as a mature student. It’s like being a full participant in field research sharing the quest for knowledge and making social connections. Simultaneously, I hold observer status. This unique perspective enhances my desire and ability to advocate for all students as we all prepare for careers ahead."