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Approval of policy instruments

The Policy Framework establishes the approval process for all university policy instruments.

Once the consultation, drafting and mandatory consultation steps for a policy instrument are complete, there are two steps involved in the approval process for a policy instrument:

  • Deliberation
  • Approval


The Deliberative Body is the university body or committee that is tasked with reviewing, discussing and considering a policy instrument prior to its approval.  The Deliberative Body is responsible for making recommendations to the Approval Authority regarding the approval of the policy instrument.


The Approval Authority is the university body or position that has the authority to approve, amend, review or revoke a policy instrument, in accordance with the Policy Framework.

Deliberative Bodies and Approval Authorities

A Deliberative Body and Approval Authority is assigned for each category of policy instrument and for each type of policy instrument within a category. The guide to approval path and mandatory consultation steps lays out the deliberative body and approval authority for each category and type of policy instrument.

See the deliberative bodies and approval authorities.