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How to make a privacy complaint

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) allows you to submit a privacy complaint if you believe the University has  collected, used,  disclosed or  disposed of  your personal information in an improper way.

If you have a question, concern or complaint regarding how the University has collected, used, disclosed or retained your personal information, then you may submit a complaint to the Access and Privacy Office using the online Privacy Support Request Form.

When you submit your form, please provide as much detail as possible in order to assist the university in investigating and responding to your concerns. You should include:

Your contact information;

The specific record or personal information at issue;

The form, process or activity for which your personal information was collected, used or disclosed;

The reason(s) you believe the collection, use or disclosure was improper; and

Any information you have regarding the improper use of your personal information (who, where, what happened).

If you feel that the university has collected, used or disclosed your personal information in contravention of privacy and access laws, then you are encouraged to submit a complaint to the university's Access and Privacy Office.

If the university is not able to resolve your complaint directly, or you do not want to make your complaint to the university, then you may submit a complaint to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC).

 Information about how to submit a privacy complaint can be found on the IPC website