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  • Who is eligible to be an elected Board member?

    Faculty and Staff Eligibility
    In order to be eligible to be nominated or to remain as a Faculty or Non-Academic Staff Governor, individuals must hold a full-time continuing appointment to the university within their relevant constituency group.

    In order to be eligible to be nominated or to remain as a Student Governor, a student must be a full-time, registered undergraduate or graduate student, in Good Standing.

  • How do I get nominated?

    If you are interested in standing for election, you must fill out the required nomination forms and provide all other relevant information requested by the Chief Electoral Officer.  Nomination materials must be submitted according to the specified process and deadlines.  Incomplete nomination materials or nominations received after the deadline will not be accepted.  The relevant forms will be posted online prior to the commencement of the nomination period.

  • Who can nominate me?

    Nominations require a minimum number of signatures from nominators who are deemed eligible from within the relevant constituency group of the nominee (eg. undergraduate students may only nominate other undergraduate students and teaching staff may only nominate other teaching staff).  Nominees are not eligible to sign their own nomination forms.

    Student Nominees:  require 5 nominator signatures from within the relevant constituency

    Teaching and Non-Academic Staff Nominees:  require 1 nominator signature from within the relevant constituency

  • Must I attend the candidates' information session?
    If you are a candidate for one of the student positions on the Board, attendance at the candidates' information session is mandatory.  Generally, several information session times are scheduled.  If you have a scheduling conflict with the scheduled sessions, please contact the Board Secretary at as soon as possible and Secretariat will do their best to accommodate you.
  • Do I have to campaign?

    You are not required to run a campaign during the campaign period.  If you choose to campaign, you are required to review and abide by the rules set out in section 5 of the BOARD OF GOVERNORS PROCEDURES FOR THE ELECTION OF TEACHING, NON-ACADEMIC STAFF AND STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES.

    The rules for campaigning will also be distributed and reviewed during the candidates' information session.