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Safe Disclosure

The University is committed to ethics, integrity and compliance in all of its activities.   The Safe Disclosure Policy and Procedures have been established to:

  • Reflect the University’s commitment to accountability and ethical conduct; and
  • Encourage and support the ability of University Members to make confidential, good faith disclosures about improper activity at the University, without fear of reprisal.

Examples of concerns that may be brought forward under Safe Disclosure include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant financial misconduct or mismanagement;
  • Theft, fraud, and/or misappropriation of University assets;
  • Significant contravention of University policies and procedures;
  • Violation of the University’s legal or regulatory obligations;
  • Forgery, falsification, and/or inappropriate alteration or destruction of University records.

Policy and Procedures 

How do I make a disclosure? 

Any university member having information or reasonable grounds to believe improper activity has occurred, or is occurring, is encouraged to make a good faith disclosure in accordance with the Safe Disclosure Policy and Procedures.   Disclosures can be made to the following: