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2024 Board of Governors Election

The Board of Governors will be seeking nominations for the following elected positions for 2024:

  • One (1) Student governor (undergraduate or graduate)
  • One (1) Faculty Member
  • One (1) Administrative Staff governor

Time commitment

As a governor, you will participate in four board meetings per board year. Board meetings are generally scheduled on a weekday afternoon (approximately noon until 5 p.m.).

You will also serve on the Strategy and Planning Committee.

The committee meets at least four times per board year. The committee meetings also take place on a weekday and last two to three hours. 

As a board member, you will be expected to review the meeting material in advance and come to the meeting prepared to discuss the material. Depending on the volume of the meeting material, you should expect to spend several hours in advance of the meeting reviewing the relevant documentation.

Questions regarding the Board of Governors Elections may be directed to the University Secretariat at: