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Policy library

The Policy Library is the central repository for all university policy instruments that are currently in effect and/or that have been approved in accordance with the university’s Policy Framework. The Library functions as a single point of reference for all university-wide policies and procedures.

Do we have a policy for that?

You have probably arrived on this page because you are wondering whether the university has a policy that provides guidance on a particular topic or issue.

The effective administration and implementation of university policy instruments includes ensuring that documents are organized in a way that allows policy users to easily search and access them.

The Policy Library can be searched by:

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Official versions of the policy instruments posted to this website are maintained by the Office of the University Secretary and General Counsel.  In the event of a discrepancy between the most recently approved official version of a policy instrument and the version posted on this site, the former will be considered the governing document.

Previously, the Administrative Code acted as the repository for university policies and procedures. The Administrative Code has now transitioned to the Policy Library, and policy instruments have been re-classified and re-organized. Policy instruments that were previously part of the Administrative Code can be cross-referenced to their new classification using the Policy Library Transition Table.