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Agenda - November 16, 2004

Academic Council Agenda

Community Room 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

1. Chair's Remarks

1.1. Report on Meeting with the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities

1.2. Provost Search Update

1.3. Budget Update

2. Minutes of the Meeting of September 21, 2004 161KB [This link opens in a new window.]

3. Business Arising From the Minutes

4. Inquiries and Communications

5. Provost's Remarks

6. Committee Reports

6.1. Curriculum and Program Review Committee

7. Presentation for the Rae Review Visit to Campus (Sheldon Levy)

8. Registrar's Items (  Richard Levin) (for action)

8.1. Deferral of Application Policy Change (WITHDRAWN)

8.2. Policy on Graduation Notwithstanding a Deficiency

9. Course Repeat Policy, Faculty of Education (  Bill Hunter) (for action)

10. Faculty Council Membership, Faculty of Education (  Bill Hunter) (for action)

11. COU Academic Colleagues' Working Papers (Carolyn Byrne) (for information)

12. Mandatory Retirement (Carolyn Byrne) (for information) 

13. Other Business

Consent Agenda

A consent agenda item is deemed to be approved unless, prior to the commencement of a meeting, one or more members of Council advise the Chair of a request to discuss it.

1. Complaints Review Board Membership

Donald Wallace, Secretary