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Board Committee Members 2016-2017

Executive Committee

Adele Imrie, Chair and Board Chair     
John McKinley, Vice-Chair
Nigel Allen, Chair of Investment Committee
Karyn Brearley, Chair of Governance, Nominations & Human Resources Committee
Tim McTiernan, President
Glenna Raymond, former Board Chair
Valarie Wafer, Chair of Strategy & Planning Committee

Audit & Finance Committee

Nigel Allen
Doug Allingham
Jeremy Bradbury
Dietmar Reiner
Mary Simpson

Governance, Nominations & Human Resources Committee

Karyn Brearley, Chair
Andrew Elrick
Francis Garwe
Jay Lefton
Mike Snow

Investment Committee

Nigel Allen, Chair
John Speers
Tyler Turecki

Strategy & Planning Committee

Valarie Wafer, Chair
Don Duval
Jay Lefton
John McKinley
Glenna Raymond
Ololade Sanusi
Bonnie Schmidt
John Speers
Mary Steele
Shirley Van Nuland

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