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Board Committee Membership 2020-2021

  • Executive Committee
    Dietmar Reiner, Chair & Board Chair
    Stephanie Chow, Chair of Investment Committee
    Laura Elliott, Vice-Chair & Chair of Audit & Finance Committee
    Thorsten Koseck, Chair of Strategy & Planning Committee
    Steven Murphy, President & Vice-Chancellor
    Maria Saros, Vice-Chair & Chair of Governance, Nominations & Human Resources Committee
  • Audit & Finance Committee
    Laura Elliott, Chair
    Stephanie Chow
    Douglas Ellis
    Dale MacMillan
    Roger Thompson
  • Governance, Nominations & Human Resources Committee
    Maria Saros, Chair
    Lisa Edgar
    Laura Elliott
    Francis Garwe
    Kori Kingsbury
    Trevin Stratton
  • Investment Committee
    Stephanie Chow, Chair
    Ran (Kathy) Hao
    Ferdinand Jones
    Thorsten Koseck
    Mark Neville
    Maria Saros
    Kim Slade
  • Strategy & Planning Committee
    Thorsten Koseck, Chair
    Azzam Abu-Rayash
    Liqun Cao
    Kevin Chan
    Jim Wilson
    Lynne Zucker