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RES-1120 Intellectual Property Protection: Patent


Consists of records related to patent applications for inventions resulting from research conducted at UOIT. The IP evaluation process considers rights, prior art, stage of development, industry contacts and commercialization potential to score technologies and make a decision whether to pursue a patent. This records series is for technologies that result in a submitted patent application. The patent application may be dropped due to a decision not to proceed with the patent application, or the determination by the Patent Office that the technology is not patentable. 

Includes IP strategy, assignment document, correspondence with IP lawyer, patent application, major changes to patent, copies of documentation from Patent Office, patent and final decisions. 

See also: RES-1100 Intellectual Property: Invention Disclosure and Assessment

For records related to other IP protection, see RES-1110 Intellectual Property Protection. Final executed agreements created by this process are subject to: CMP-0300 Contracts and Agreements

Retention Trigger

If patent awarded: Life of patent and any related patentsIf patent application dropped: Patent abandoned and life of any related patents


Trigger + 7 years

Responsible Unit(s)

Research Services



Records System




Record Authority

VP Research Innovation and International


Secure destruction

Records Arising from Activity

  • IP Strategy
  • Assignment document
  • Correspondence with IP lawyer
  • 2nd Technology Evaluation (where applicable)
  • Patent application
  • Major changes to patent
  • Decision
  • Documentation from Patent Office
  • Patent

Retention Rationale


Personal Information


Vital Record