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GCIR-0310 Relationship Management: Activity


Consists of records of all activity between the University and community or industry 3rd parties including communication and meetings. Includes correspondence, logs of communication, handoff between university departments, and meeting materials including slide decks and minutes. 

Excludes TEA-0500 Learning Experiences Database

Retention Trigger

Life of 3rd party


Trigger + 4 years

Responsible Unit(s)

External Relations



Records System

Outlook contacts; emails



Record Authority

VP External Relations


Archival review

Records Arising from Activity

  • Correspondence
  • Logs of communication
  • Slide decks

Retention Rationale

Retention of these records throughout the life of the 3rd party organization ensures that if a relationship goes dormant for a period, the University is able to pick up where it left off with a full record of the relationship and interactions. This should allow the University to maximize on any potential partnerships. Once the 3rd party no longer exists, the value of the record is primarily historical, and archival value may be assessed.

Personal Information


Vital Record



Long term retention