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GCIR-0210 Briefing Materials: Individuals and Organizations


Briefing materials provide background information on individuals or organizations and recommendations for institutional policy. They include briefing notes, and any supporting documents or information required to understand the briefing notes. 

This record series is for:

  • briefing notes on particular individuals in the government, community or industry
  • 3rd party companies or organizations that require access to the University or may become involved in partnerships with the University regarding student learning experiences or research funding. 

Excludes GCIR-0200 Briefing Materials: Issues

Retention Trigger



Trigger + 4 years

Responsible Unit(s)

External Relations



Records System

Shared Drive



Record Authority

VP External Relations


Archival review

Records Arising from Activity

Briefing notes; Supporting documents

Retention Rationale

Briefing materials on individuals are superseded when government changes (election, cabinet shuffle, etc.) or organization leadership changes. 

Briefing materials on organizations are superseded when the 3rd party ceases to exist. Once the 3rd party no longer exists, the value of the record is primarily historical, and transfer to the archives is appropriate.

Personal Information


Vital Record



Medium/High; Long term Retention