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CAS-1330 Radiation Safety: Internal Permits


Internal permits are required for any activities involving radioactive substances or devices. These permits are issued by the Radiation Safety Committee. This records series covers applications, permits and amendments and supporting documentation for Radioisotope permits, X-ray permits, Radiography permits, Laser operating permits, Laboratory approval and procurement of radiation emitting devices. 

Does not include records of registration and training of individual workers: See CAS-1350 Radiation Safety: Worker Registration and Training.

Excludes: CAS-1360 Radiation Safety: Personal Dose Record.

Retention Trigger

License expired or revoked


Trigger + 5 years

Responsible Unit(s)

Research Services


Permit applicants, Radiation Safety Committee

Records System



Radiation Safety Manual

Record Authority

VP Research Innovation and International


Secure destruction

Records Arising from Activity

  • Applications
  • Completed permits
  • Amendments
  • Supporting documentation
  • Correspondence
  • Permits include:
  • Radioisotope permit application
  • X-ray permits
  • Laser Registration form
  • Laser hazard assessment
  • Laser operating permits
  • Radiography permits
  • Radioisotope Laboratory approval
  • Request for amendment to Radioisotope permit
  • Review of permanent x-ray location
  • Application to conduct industrial radiography
  • procurement of radiation emitting devices
  • purchase requisition form for radioactive material

Retention Rationale

Matches 5 year audit window of CNSC.

Personal Information


Vital Record



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