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Nursing Pre-Practicum Math Assessment – Process

Classification number LACD 1401
Framework category Local
Approving authority Academic Council
Policy owner Associate Dean of Nursing
Approval date Faculty Council December 6, 2023
Review date December 2026
Supersedes Faculty Council September 8, 2021


The purpose of this policy is to establish clear expectations and processes regarding the Pre-Practicum Math Assessment.


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Scope and authority

This Policy applies to students in Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 of the Collaborative BScN and RPN-BScN Collaborative programs.

The Associate Dean (Nursing), or delegate, is the Policy Owner and is responsible for overseeing the implementation, administration, and interpretation of this Policy.


In order to maintain competency and ensure patient safety, every BScN and RPN to BScN student is required to complete a pre-practicum math assessment.

This assessment is completed prior to every practicum experience.

The mastery level for the assessment depends on the year level of the student.

Students in year 2 are required to attain a grade of 80%, students in year 3 are required to attain 90% and students in year 4 are required to attain 100% in order to be successful on this assessment.

Should a student not achieve the required grade on this assessment, they are eligible to rewrite the pre-practicum math assessment until the required grade has been achieved up until the deadline noted below.

Students must successfully complete the pre-practicum math assessment by the date indicated in the Academic Calendar as the last day to drop courses without academic or financial consequence.

Failure to reach the passing percentage as outlined for each year (80% in year 2, 90% in year 3 and 100% in year 4) will result in students being withdrawn from the course.

Students will not be permitted to prepare and / or administer medications in practicum until the desired mastery level has been achieved, which could potentially impact the student’s ability to successfully demonstrate the expectations for that practicum experience.

Recommended remediation may include the following:

  • Review Calculate with Confidence workbook (Gray, Morris, Brown) and the associated online modules posted in Year 2 Pharm Lab course.
  • Focus on the following modules/chapters:
    • Reading Medication Labels
    • Using Ratio & Proportion to Calculate Dosages
    • Using Formula to Calculate Dosages
    • Calculations of Oral Medications
    • Conversions
    • Parenteral Medications
    • Reconstitution of Medications
    • Insulin
    • IV Calculations
    • Heparin Calculations
    • Pediatric & Adult Dosages Based on Weight
  • Refer student to Math Specialist and/or Peer Tutor in Learner Support Center.


Monitoring and review

This Policy will be reviewed as necessary and at least every three years. The Associate Dean Nursing or successor thereof is responsible to monitor and review this Policy.

Relevant legislation

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Related policies, procedures & documents

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