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Use of University Automobile Driving Policy

Classification number LCG 1151
Framework category Legal, Compliance and Governance
Approving authority Board of Governors
Policy owner Vice-President, Administration
Approval date December 1, 2022
Review date December 2025


This Policy aims to establish University-wide standards which govern the use of automobiles driven in the name of the University.


For this Policy, the following definitions apply:

“Authorized Fleet Driver” means a driver who has been added to the University’s automobile insurance policy by the approved risk management process.

“Authorized Rental Driver” means a driver who has been given the authority to rent a University Rental Automobile to conduct University business utilizing the Business Travel Form for Students or following established travel approvals for Employees in the Expenses Procedures.

“Authorized Passenger” means persons on campus at the University's request. For example, for potential employment at the University, to provide contracted services, or for participation in a University event, program, or work-related activity. Other examples of authorized passengers include University Members participating in approved field trips, off campus events, visiting faculty/staff, visiting artists or speakers, government representatives, members of visiting athletic teams, or community organizations. All other passengers are prohibited from traveling in University Automobiles.

“Operating Unit” means the area within the University responsible for the purchase, service, maintenance, inspection, insurance, and risk reporting of the University Automobile.

“Unauthorized Driver” means a person who is not authorized to drive a University Automobile.

“Unauthorized Use” means the use of the automobile which engages in activities not aligned with this Policy, the Highway Traffic Act, or other University policies.

“University Member” means any individual who is:

  • Employed by the University or holding an appointment with the University, including paid, unpaid and/or honorific appointments (“Employee”);
  • Registered as a student, in accordance with the academic regulations of the University (“Student”); and/or
  • Otherwise subject to University policies by virtue of the requirements of a specific policy (e.g. Booking and Use of University Space) and/or the terms of an agreement or contract.

“University Automobile” Automobiles owned or leased in the name of the University, approved by the University for purchase through the appropriate authority.

“University Rental Automobile” Authorized non-owned automobiles rented for less than 30 days, in the name of the University to conduct University business.

“Authorized Fleet Drivers and Authorized Rental Drivers” are individuals who:

  • Have an appropriate and valid Canadian driver's license for the automobile being driven;
  • Have a valid driver’s license that is not expired or suspended;
  • A minimum of 3 years of verifiable North American driving experience for the type of automobile being used;
  • Can reasonably be expected to operate the automobile in a safe and prudent manner;
  • Meet all requirements in this policy;
  • Are University Members ;
  • Have met the age requirement of 21 years old;
  • Have a full ‘G’ License;
  • Are not on medication or have a condition that prohibits them from driving; and
  • Do not have two (2) or more convictions/infractions on their Drivers Abstract within the last three (3) years;

“Unauthorized Drivers” are drivers who:

  • Are not University Members, including the spouse, partner, children, family
    member, friend or neighbour of an Authorized Driver or a member of the general public;
  • Do not meet the definition of Authorized Driver or the requirements set out in section 4;
  • Are not listed on the rental contract;
  • Do not have the authorization to rent in the name of the University;
  • Have not completed the requirements in Section 8.4;
  • Have not received approval, per Section 9.

Scope and authority

This Policy applies to all University Members, and others who may be authorized to operate a University Automobile or University Rental Automobile for the purpose of conducting University business.

This Policy applies to University Automobiles and University Rental Automobiles used for the purposes of conducting University business.

The Chief Risk Officer, or successor thereof, is the Policy Owner and is responsible for overseeing the implementation, administration, and interpretation of this Policy.


This Policy and associated policy instruments will describe the responsibilities and processes to govern the safe and authorized use of University Automobiles and University Rental Automobiles.

Elements of University Automobile Driving Policy
The University Automobile Driving Policy will achieve the following objectives:

  1. Raise awareness of insurance coverage;
  2. Establish a process for University-owned automobiles and authorized automobiles rented in the name of the University;
  3. Provide support to the University with respect to managing accidents by identifying and documenting the priorities, procedures, responsibilities, and resources to manage accidents; and
  4. Support safe driving practices.

Any Unauthorized Use of a University Automobile or the operation of a University Automobile by an Unauthorized Driver is prohibited and may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Risk Management Committee (“RMC”) will
    1. Oversee, advise, and manage the University Automobile Policy and associated policy instruments, making recommendations, and reporting to SLT.
  2. Risk Management will
    1. Arrange and maintain the University’s automobile insurance and disseminate vehicle registration information to the Operating Units;
    2. Raise awareness of University insurance coverage;
    3. Act as the liaison between the University’s insurance partner and University Member driver; and
    4. Collect on an annual basis the reporting needed to update the University’s insurance policies.
  3. Operating Unit will
    1. Where operationally feasible, purchase low emission automobiles such as hybrids or electric automobiles to support the University’s Sustainability Policy;
    2. Be responsible for inspection, service, repairs, maintenance, insurance, and risk reporting;
    3. Provide appropriate risk work documentation which may include driver’s record, training, and proof of insurance, to Risk Management for new and existing drivers;
    4. Ensure University Owned Automobiles are equipped with snow tires for driving during the winter months; and
    5. Encourage safe driving practices.
  4. Authorized Drivers will
    1. As a new University-Owned Automobile driver, submit in full, all necessary documents to Risk Management for review and reporting purposes and comply with ongoing eligibility reporting requirements as stipulated by the University’s insurance partner for the purposes of insurance policy renewal;
    2. Prior to renting a University Rental Automobile, obtain all necessary approvals;
    3. Acknowledge roles and responsibilities after an accident to ensure effectiveness of responding to mitigate further loss;
    4. Provide details related to the accident to assist in determining loss details;
    5. Comply with requirements under the Statutory Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1); [link]
    6. Comply with the University driving policy and applicable automobile laws as set out by the provincial/state Ministry governing highway/roadway laws such as but not limited to the Highway Traffic Act, Public Highways Act, Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Motor Vehicle Transport Act, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act;
    7. Comply with all requirements as set out in the Use of University Owned Automobile for University Business Directives document;
    8. Pay for any non-reimbursable travel-related expenses administered while in the care, custody, or control of the University Automobile or University Rental Automobile as set out in the Expenses Procedure; and
    9. Participate in any automobile training and driving courses as set out by the University from time to time.

Requests to authorize a driver, who would otherwise be an Unauthorized Driver, must be made in writing to Risk Management.

Monitoring and review

This Policy will be reviewed as necessary and at least every three years. The Risk Management Committee is responsible to monitor and review this Policy.

Relevant legislation

Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1)
Highway Traffic Act
Public Highways Act
Motor Vehicle Safety Act
Motor Vehicle Transport Act
Off-Road Vehicle Act
Transportation of Goods Act
Occupational Health and Safety Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter O.1

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