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University-Hosted Event Risk Management and Approval Directive

Classification number LCG 1116.03
Parent policy Risk Management policy
Framework category Legal, Compliance and Governance
Approving authority President
Policy owner General Counsel
Approval date September 12, 2019
Review date September 2022


The purpose of these Directives is to provide a Risk management and approval process for an Applicant planning an Event hosted, sponsored, or organized by the University, held in University Space.


For the purposes of these Directives the following definitions apply:

“Applicant” means an individual or organization seeking to use Space. For the purpose of these Directives, the Applicant is considered a staff or faculty member, and leading the planning and implementation of an Event.

“Campus” means the physical north and south locations.

“Certificate of Insurance” means a standard document issued by an insurance company or broker which evidences an insurance policy exists for a particular External Service Provider.

“Event” means any short-term organized activity, meeting, display, or form of public address by a User within or on a University Space.
“External Organization or User” means a person or organization that is not considered a University Member.

“External Service Provider” means any organization providing any form of goods and/or services. Goods and services include but are not limited to guest or key note speaker, catering, equipment and rental, photography, animal therapy, décor, and transportation.

“Internal Services” means departments which exist within the University, such as but not limited to the Office of Campus Safety, Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability, Media Services, Parking, Facilities and Logistical Management Services.

“Open to the Public” means an Event that permits external individuals to attend without a formal invitation.

“Private Meeting” means a meeting that may involve external parties, but is not Open to the Public and can only be attended by invitation from the unit holding the meeting. “Pre-Approved Event” means Events which are subject to an established approval process, which include:

  • Events undertaken within a clearly established, ongoing planning and risk management framework that have been approved by the Director of Risk Management;
  • Events that require the submission of an Appendix A/B application under the Piloting of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV’s) or Manned Air Vehicles Appropriate Use and Approval Directive.
“Risk” means the uncertainty of outcomes against planned objectives. “Space” means any location owned, leased, rented or otherwise occupied by the University and made available for temporary use. “University-Hosted Event” means an Event hosted, sponsored, or organized by the University, to the University’s benefit, and has one or more of the following characteristics:
  • The individual planning the Event is an Applicant;
  • The Event takes place in University Space;
  • The Event makes use of Internal Services;
  • The Event requires External Service Providers;
  • The Event is Open to the Public;
  • The Event is communicated through any form of marketing channel such as flyers, posters or online;
  • The Event raises risk concerns and/or is inherently risky.

“University Member” means any individual who is:

  • Employed by the University;
  • Registered as a student, in accordance with the academic regulations of the University;
  • Holding an appointment with the University, including paid, unpaid and/or honorific appointments; and/or 
  • Otherwise subject to University policies by virtue of the requirements of a specific policy (e.g. Booking and Use of University Space) and/or the terms of an agreement or contract.

Scope and authority

These Directives apply to all University Members and to all facilities the University owns, leases, or operates in at any capacity.

These Directives do not apply to Events which occur that are low risk and defined:

  1. Under normal academic programming;
  2. Considered regular meetings of governing bodies, standing University committees, or other university bodies taking place on Campus;
  3. Private Meetings to carry out the functions of the University that do not involve significant set up by Internal Services or significant expenses;
These Directives do not apply to Student Organized Events as defined in the Booking and Use of Space Policy.
External Organizations or Users are not within the scope of these Directives and should contact Campus Conference Services as defined in the Booking and Use of University Space Policy.
The University Secretary and General Counsel, or successor thereof, is responsible for overseeing the implementation, administration and interpretation of these Directives.


Process Approval

  1. University-Hosted Events require approval under these Directives.
    1. The Applicant books Space with the appropriate booking authority;
    2. The Applicant completes the relevant Event form for approval in advance of the Event;
    3. Following Dean, or delegate or Vice President, or delegate approval, The Applicant submits the form in advance of the Event to the appropriate University Members listed on the form for approval;
    4. The University Members listed are expected to:
      • Request additional information from the Applicant for the purposes of Risk mitigation;
      • Identify and/or collaborate on Risk mitigation strategies for Event;
      • Provide the Applicant relevant approvals;
    5. The Applicant arranges the necessary communication or service needs with Internal Departments;
    6. The Applicant arranges the necessary services with External Service Provider(s), and secures the appropriate contract agreement and/or Certificate(s) of Insurance.

Pre-approved Event Process

  1. To establish an ongoing planning and Risk management framework process, consult with the Director of Risk Management for approval.
  2. Pre-Approved Events under an established framework will have all of the following characteristics:
    1. The Events are part of the Applicant’s regular daily business regime;
    2. The Events are posted in advance, in a designated and public domain;
    3. The Events have clearly established process documentation;
    4. Pre-Approved Events approved by the Director of Risk Management are subject to review and audit, from time to time.
  3. The Applicant of a Pre-Approved Event is not required to complete the appropriate Event form on an Event by Event basis.
  4. Pre-Approved Events that require the use of External Service Providers must ensure that there is a valid Certificate of Insurance on file with the Office of Risk Management.
  5. Pre-Approved Events that raises risk concerns and/or is inherently risky must be reported to the Director of Risk Management.

Monitoring and review

These Directives will be reviewed as necessary and at least every three years. The Risk Management Committee or successor thereof, is responsible to monitor and review this Directive.

Relevant legislation

Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter H.19
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, S.O. 2005, c. 11
Occupational Health and Safety Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter O.1

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