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Exempt Academic Staff Employment Policy

Classification number ADM 1319
Framework category Administrative
Approving authority Senior Leadership Team
Policy owner Vice-President, Academic and Provost
Approval date November 20, 2017
Review date November 2020
Last updated Editorial Amendments, February 18, 2020
Supersedes Academic Staff Employment Policies, 2006 (last updated 2016)


The purpose of this Policy is to establish the principles that support the employment of Exempt Academic Staff within the institution.


For the purposes of this Policy the following definitions apply: 

“Exempt Academic Staff” means any of the following positions:

  • Associate Dean;
  • Teaching Staff Governor;
  • Dean;
  • Limited Term Academic Associate;

 See associated procedures for complete definition.

Scope and authority

This Policy applies to any Exempt Academic Staff employees.

The Vice-President responsible for Human Resources, or successor thereof, is the Policy Owner and is responsible for overseeing the implementation, administration and interpretation of this Policy.


The University of Ontario Institute of Technology recognizes that the expertise, effectiveness and commitment the Exempt Academic Staff contribute to the level of excellence in teaching, research, service and opportunities that students receive. The main intent of this document is to establish and explain various procedures that apply to Exempt Academic Staff at the University.


  1. All Exempt Academic Staff appointments will be made in accordance with the applicable policies and procedures for that position.
  2. Appointments to Exempt Academic Staff positions will be term appointments, subject to review, renewal and term limitations, as specified in the applicable appointment policies and procedures.

Approval of Appointments, Suspension and Removal

Unless the Board otherwise delegates authority, the appointment, renewal, suspension and removal of a Exempt Academic Staff member will be made, in accordance with the applicable articles outlined in the relevant procedure.

Appointment Procedures

  1. The University will establish detailed Procedures for all Exempt Academic Staff positions.

Monitoring and review

This Policy will be reviewed as necessary and at least every three years.  The Vice-President responsible for Human Resources, or successor thereof, is responsible to monitor and review this Policy.

Relevant legislation

University of Ontario Institute of Technology Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, c. 8, Sch. O

Related policies, procedures & documents

By-Law Number 1 of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, as amended

Deans, Associate Deans and Teaching Staff Governors procedures

Limited Term Academic Associate procedures