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Professional Unsuitability Procedures (Undergraduate)

Classification number ACD 1515.01
Parent policy Professional Suitability Policy (Undergraduate)
Framework category Academic
Approving authority Undergraduate Studies Committee
Policy owner Registrar
Approval date June 15, 2021
Review date June 2024
Supersedes Academic Misconduct and Professional Unsuitability Procedures May 15, 2018; Academic Regulations – Undergraduate Academic Calendar 2016-2017


The purpose of these Procedures is to outline the process for launching and resolving undergraduate-related professional unsuitability allegations.


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Scope and authority

These Procedures apply to the launching of undergraduate-related professional unsuitability allegations and their subsequent resolution.
These Procedures do not apply to the launching of graduate-related professional unsuitability allegations. For more information regarding graduate-related and professional unsuitability, please refer to the Graduate Academic Calendar.
The Registrar, or successor thereof, is the Policy Owner and is responsible for overseeing the implementation, administration and interpretation of these Procedures.


Launching of professional unsuitability allegations
  1. Alleged acts of professional unsuitability should be reported to the dean or dean’s designate of the faculty in which the student is enrolled.

Dealing with professional unsuitability

  1. All allegations of professional unsuitability must be addressed by the student’s home dean or dean’s designate.
  2. A student will not be permitted to withdraw from the course in which the offence was alleged to have been committed until the matter is resolved and sanction imposed. Once notified of an unresolved complaint relating to professional unsuitability, the dean or dean’s designate shall notify the Office of the Registrar to put the student's account on hold and refer the matter to an academic integrity committee comprised of the dean's designate and two members of the academic staff to investigate the complaint and recommend a resolution.
Procedures for formal resolution
  1. The dean or dean’s designate must inform the student, in writing, of the allegations, the possible sanctions and a copy of the pertinent policy statement. The student will be given five working days to prepare a response. The academic integrity committee will meet with the student to hear the response. The student is entitled to be accompanied by up to two advisors at this meeting, provided 48 hours advance written notice is given of the identity of the advisors.
  2. The academic integrity committee shall conduct an investigation of the allegations and response, and make its recommendation to the dean or dean’s designate within 10 further working days. The dean or dean’s designate will notify the parties and the Office of the Registrar of the decision in writing.

Transcript notations and appeal process

  1. Transcript notations for professional unsuitability will include the following range of notations:
    1. Grade of F assigned for [course number] for academic misconduct;
    2. Suspended for academic misconduct for [dates of suspension];
    3. Suspended for professional unsuitability; and permanently expelled for academic misconduct.
  2. Transcript notations will normally be recorded on the academic transcript for a minimum of two years.
  3. A student may apply to the academic appeals committee to have the notice of suspension and/or transcript notation expunged from his/her academic record after a minimum of two years from the last offence. If the appeal is granted, the Office of the Registrar will be notified to remove the notation.
  4. Transcript notations for students who are suspended for professional unsuitability or permanently expelled for academic misconduct will remain on their academic record and cannot be appealed.

Monitoring and review

These Procedures will be reviewed as necessary and at least every three years. The Registrar, or successor thereof, is responsible to monitor and review these Procedures.

Relevant legislation

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