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Policy instrument types and categories

The Policy Framework establishes a classification system for policy instruments. Policy instruments can be one of four types. They are classified into five categories according to their scope and purpose. The policy instrument's type and category together determine which body or position will be the approval authority.



    A statement of principle intended to govern the operation of the university; aligns with the legislative, regulatory and organizational requirements of the university.


    A process, information or step-by-step instructions to implement a policy.


    A set of optional directions that provide guidance, advice or explanation to support the implementation of a policy or procedure. 


    A set of mandatory instructions that specify actions to be taken to support the implementation of and compliance with a policy or procedure.

  • Policy Instrument Categories


    Policy instruments related to the governance and administration of the Board of Governors.

    Legal, Compliance and Governance

    Policy instruments related to:

    • Broader institutional planning and governance issues.
    • Management of institutional risk, accountability and legislative requirements.
    • Academic governance matters outside those authorities explicitly delegated by the Board to Academic Council


    Policy instruments that relate to the ongoing management and operations of the University and that have application across more than one organizational unit.


    Policy instruments that relate to academic governance and administration within the delegated authorities of Academic Council from the Board. 


    Policy instruments that:

    • Are either administrative or academic in nature
    • Relate solely to the ongoing management, work and operation of the single organizational unit for which they were developed. A Local Policy Instrument will not be considered to solely relate to a single organizational unit where:
      • Similar Policy Instruments exist within other organizational units, and/or;
      • The Policy Instrument purports to regulate the actions of other members of the University community.

Need help?

If you are working on a policy instrument and you are not sure which category applies, we have developed a tool to help determine the policy instrument category. Try the interactive tool or view an image.