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Policy Advisory Committee

The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) plays an important role in the governance of policy instruments at the university.  The Committee has an advisory and deliberative role in the development, amendment and review of Administrative and Legal, Compliance and Governance policy instruments.

PAC conducts policy assessments of draft policy instruments before they are presented to a deliberative body and provides recommendations to deliberative bodies, approval authorities  and Policy Owners and Leads who have brought forward policies and procedures for approval. 

Terms of Reference

Committee Members




Greg Crawford

Dean, Faculty of Science


Krista Secord

Manager, Academic Affairs

Labour Relations

Lindsay  Coolidge

Manager, Government and Community Relations

External Relations and Advancement

Jennifer Freeman

Director, Research Services

Research and International

Kay Ali​

Manager, Treasury and Accounting Operations


Joanne Evans

Director, Human Resources

Human Resources

Ken Bright

Director, Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability

Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability

Monica Jain

Manager, Career Services and Internships

Student Life

Andra Drinkwalter

Manager, Graduate Finance and Administration

School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Sylvie Brosseau

Budget and Planning Officer, Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty Planning and Operations Group

Amir Mostaghim

 Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

Teaching Staff

Mikael Eklund

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Teaching Staff

Joe Stokes

Associate Registrar, Enrolment Services


Dana Carnwith

Application Solutions Manager

IT Services