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Susanna Zagar

Susanna Zagar, ICD.D

Susanna Zagar is an accomplished leader who brings a wealth of experience to the Ontario Tech Board of Governors, including a strong background in regulatory excellence, board governance, enterprise risk management, cybersecurity, and business transformation. Her record of achievements spans more than 30 years and multiple sectors, including energy, insurance and infrastructure.

Having served as Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Energy Board since 2020, Susanna has earned a reputation as a forward-thinking problem solver and key player in the success of Ontario’s energy transition. She has championed transparency and collaboration in an organization that protects the interests of electricity and natural gas consumers in one of the largest and most complex energy sectors in North America. She also provides leadership at the national level as a member of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Association of Utility Regulators, and works internationally to advance regulatory excellence in the public interest.