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Academic Council Agenda - June 19, 2007

Academic Council
June 19, 2007
1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Community Room


1. Chair's Remarks

2. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting of May 15, 2007 *

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

4. Inquiries and Communications

4.1 Summary of the Meeting of the Board of Governors (May 2007) *

5. Provost's Remarks

6. Report from the Academic Colleague to the Council of Ontario Universities (Brian Campbell)

6.1 Report on the Role of COU Academic Colleagues *

6.2 Academic Dishonesty: A Survey of Policies and Procedures at Ontario Universities *

7. Committee Reports:

7.1 Executive Committee (Ron Bordessa) * FOR ACTION

7.2 Curriculum and Program Review Committee (Bill Muirhead)* FOR ACTION

7.2 a Proposal for the Legal Studies Program*

7.2 b Business Plan for the Legal Studies Program*

7.3 Admissions and Scholarship Committee (Richard Levin)* FOR INFORMATION

8. Establishment of a Free-Standing University Research Ethics Board (John Perz)* FOR ACTION

9. Other Business

* Documentation Attached

Donald Wallace, Secretary