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Off-campus reporting options

Going to the hospital

If you've been affected by sexual assault, you may want to seek medical attention. Several GTA Hospitals, including Lakeridge Health Oshawa, have Sexual Assault Care Centres equipped with specially trained staff and evidence kits designed for sexual assaults. Learn more about what to expect when going to the hospital.

Reporting to the police

Reports can be made to the police in an effort to pursue criminal charges under the Criminal Code of Canada.

If you report an incident of sexual violence, police will take your statement, investigate the matter, and determine if there is enough evidence to lay charges. The police lay charges, not the individual who reported or experienced the violence. The police and the Crown will require your participation in what may become a public process. If the matter proceeds to court, you will likely be called to testify.


Tenants who have experienced sexual violence can end their tenancy in 28 days if they believe they or a child living with them may be harmed or injured if they don't leave the unit. Tenants can give this notice at any time during their tenancy. Learn more about the tenancy process.