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    Student Governor

    Azzam Abu-Rayash

    I am your candidate Azzam Abu-Rayash, currently pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. As your representative at the Board of Governors, I am committed to bringing students’ issues and concerns at the forefront of the board in making financial and strategic planning decisions. I have been involved intensively in the Campus Community and am very familiar with the affairs pertaining to students and student life. I have a number of professional designations including Project Management Professional and Certified Energy Manager from the Association of Energy Engineers. I have served as BOD member in various organizations. 

    Tiffany Best

    Hi everyone, my name is Tiffany Best and I am a fourth year student in kinesiology. I was just elected as the next Ontario Tech Student Union President. I would like the chance to sit on the Board of Governors with Ontario Tech, in hopes to have the opportunity to help improve the university. Being in this position would give me the chance to share any knowledge of student concerns as they are brought to me during my presidency with the OTSU.

    Jacinta Obasohan

    I am Jacinta Obasohan. I am a 3rd-year Criminology student. I am running for the position of student representative to the Board of Governors. My past responsibilities as a Student Governor at Loyalist College allowed me to work with the student union, staff, and Board of Governors and obtained essential first-hand experience. It is critical that experienced voices contribute to the Board's efforts to ensure effective governance. I see this position as an excellent way to bring my abilities in creative, collaborative communication along with my passion for OTU toward serving the needs of students on the Board of Governors.

    Jahan Sheikh

    My name is Jahan Sheikh. I am a 4th year undergrad student in Nuclear Engineering. As a member of Board of Governors, I plan to assist the board to the best of my ability with establisihing and recommending policies and standards. Having gone through quite a lot of issues as a student, I believe I have the leadership skills and knowledge to fulfill this role effectively.