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Agenda - November 27, 2018

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
3:30-4:30 p.m.**, DTB 524

Toll-Free (Canada & U.S.): 1-877-385-4099
Participant Passcode: 1028954#

1. Call to Order

2. Agenda (A)

3. Chair’s Remarks

    (a) Senior Academic Administrator Searches

4. Minutes of the Meeting of October 23, 2018* (A)

5. Business Arising from the Minutes

6. Inquiries and Communications

    (a) COU Academic Colleagues Update* (Ramiro Liscano)

7. Provost’s Remarks

8. Integrated Operational Plan (P) (Brad MacIsaac)

9. Policy Consultation:

    (a) Freedom of Expression* (U) (Cheryl Foy on behalf of Robert Bailey)

10. Committee Reports

 10.1 Curriculum and Program Review Committee (Glenn Harvel)

  For Information:

    (a) Program Package Offers with TCDSB*

    (b) ESL Partnership with The Language Gallery*

 10.2 Graduate Studies Committee (Langis Roy)

   For Approval:

    (a) Final Assessment Report Executive Summary – MA, MEd & GDip in Digital Technologies Program Review*

 10.3 Executive Committee

    (a) ACX Membership* (M) (Cheryl Foy)

    (b) Nominations to Academic Appeals & Honorary Degrees Committees* (Becky Dinwoodie)

    (c) Faculty Council Membership Lists* (Becky Dinwoodie)

    (d) Colleagues Exchange

11. Registrar’s Office (Joe Stokes)

    (a) Conferral of Degrees for Fall 2018* (A)

12. Other Business

Becky Dinwoodie, Secretary

**preceded by 1 hour Consultation Session for VP Research Search

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